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Call for papers


FortellIssue 42 (January 2021)

ISSN Print 2229-6557, Online-2394-9244


Special Issue on

Key issues in Materials Development 

for Teaching English Language and Literature

English Language Teaching in second and foreign language contexts in Asian countries and in other similar contexts across the globe is a complex network of country-specific language policy, curriculum, instructional materials, and teacher-learner transaction of each of these constructs to pave way for target language development in class and beyond it. The goals of such a language education are immediate as well as long term and for their realization, learner needs would have to be catered to, which quite often are not entirely present in the instructional materials included in the prescribed textbooks. This necessitates that we look for good practices in developing classroom based teaching materials that would benefit ESL/EFL teachers as well as materials developers. In recent times, there are a multitude of theoretical concepts that inform materials development such as task-based language teaching, content based language teaching like teaching language through literature and folklore, use of multilingual materials to suit the needs of learners who come from a variety of L1 backgrounds, and use of corpora and ICT to design materials for the development of the four skills in an integrated manner.

In this issue of Fortell, we invite papers from teachers, early career researchers and ELT practitioners who can contribute to ESL/EFL teachers’ understanding of adapting, producing and transacting materials to teach English as a language as well as a subject, commonly referred to as Teaching of English Literature, to suit learners’ needs and address their real life goals.

The sub-themes include, but are not limited to:

  • Process of Materials Development: selection, adaptation, evaluation and production

  • Materials for integrated language learning

  • Need for teacher training in Materials Development

  • From theory to practice: Real classroom transactions

  • Materials for distance education/blended learning

  • Needs-based materials production: Some case studies

  • Materials for Specific purposes (ESP,EAP etc)

  • Materials for socially and physically disadvantaged children

  • Teachers as materials developers: Boon or bane?


Apart from the theme area, articles of general and wider interest to teachers of English language and literature are also welcome.

Fortell, a peer-reviewed journal of the Forum for Teachers of English Language and Literature, is published bi-annually in January and July by FORTELL, New Delhi. Copyright for the individual contribution rests with the author. However, Fortell should be acknowledged as the original source of publication in a subsequent publication. Fortell retains the right to republish any of the contributions in its future publications or to make it available in electronic form for the benefit of its members.



 Soft copies of research papers ( not exceeding 4000 words inclusive of abstract, key words and references), book reviews (750-1000 words), reports (500-750 words), language games/activities (400-500 words) should be sent along with a brief bio-note of about 30 words to the Coordinating Editor at Each article should include an abstract of 100-150 words and 5-6 keywords. Articles should conform to the 6th edition of the APA style sheet in format, citations and bibliography. Please look up the website regarding guidelines for submission of the manuscript.

The contributors should also give a declaration (as per the Contributor’s Declaration Proforma) that the paper is original and does not violate the copyright law and it has not been published in any form elsewhere before. The contributors should clearly indicate their name, email address, mobile number and complete mailing address with the pin code. 

 Guest Editors

 Dr. Ruchi Kaushik is Associate Professor at the Department of English, Sri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi.

Dr Lina Mukhopadhyay is Associate Professor, Department of Training and Development, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad


Last date for submission: August 31, 2020

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