Activity 1: My cinquain

Skill focus: Writing

Level: Grades VI, VII and VIII

Estimated time: 20 minutes

Group size: Individual/Pair/Group

Learning objectives: To enable the learners to:

Write simple poems

Build active and passive vocabulary


1.      Share with the learners what a cinquain is.

A Cinquain is a five-line poem that describes a person, place, thing or a theme.

It describes a community issue, a problem, a theme or a challenge that one faces or comes across in the society.

2.      Discuss with the students the different steps for writing a cinquain with the help of an example.


First line: A noun, one word, title, theme – mother

Second line: Two adjectives (on the above theme) – beautiful, calm

Third Line: Three- ing participles – loving, caring, forgiving

Fourth Line: A phrase – makes life happy

Fifth line: A synonym for the title, noun written in the first step – nurturer

3.      Brainstorm various themes of cinquains with the students. Examples: pollution, girl child, education, books, trees, plastic, rivers.

4.      Ask the students to write a cinquain. (Keeping in mind the linguistic ability of the students, assign the task individually, in pairs or in groups.)

5.      Help the students with appropriate vocabulary when required.

6.      The learners may draw an appropriate picture with their cinquain if they wish to.

7.      Encourage the students to display and share their cinquains with their peers. Arrange a gallery walk for the same in the class.

Examples of Cinquains


Dirty, Dangerous                                                                 

Destroying, Affecting, Killing

Demolishes the beautiful life



Manu Gulati is a teacher and a Mentor Teacher in Delhi Government schools. She also provides onsite support to teachers to strengthen their academic and  pedagogic capacities. For using innovative strategies in teaching- learning process, Manu has been conferred with National Award for Teachers 2018 and National ICT Award 2014 by MHRD.