Activity 2: I am thankful to…

Skill focus: Listening and speaking

Level: Grades III and IV

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Type of participation: Group

Materials required: A football

Learning Objectives: To enable learners to:

Speak simple sentences to share one’s name

Speak simple sentences to express gratitude


1.      Ask the learners to stand in a circle (preferably in an open area such as the school playground). Pass the football to one person in the circle.

2.      The person who gets the ball has to introduce himself/herself and then express gratitude towards something or someone. They may use the following structure:

          “My name is Fawzia. I am thankful to my parents.”

3.      Once that person’s turn is over, he/she has to pass the ball to someone else in the circle.

4.      The student who gets the ball has to share his/her name, followed by what/who he/she is thankful to.

          “My name is Anu. I am thankful to the sun.”

5.      The ball is passed to the next student. This activity continues till all the students get a chance to speak.

6.      The activity can be continued further with the students expressing their likes and dislikes, sharing their hobbies, how they spends their evenings, etc.

Manu Gulati is a teacher and a Mentor Teacher in Delhi Government schools. She also provides onsite support to teachers to strengthen their academic and  pedagogic capacities. For using innovative strategies in teaching- learning process, Manu has been conferred with National Award for Teachers 2018 and National ICT Award 2014 by MHRD.