Integrating Speaking Activity with Adolescent Issues

Vanita Chopra

Theme Issues relating to adolescence
Skill Speaking and Writing
Grade IX-X
Title of Activity How to solve problems in life
Sub Skill(s) Expressing individual feelings and opinions, participation in spontaneous talk, expressing information or knowledge in writing
Learning Objectives

To enable learners to

  • enhance their personal function of language
  • enhance their critical thinking
  • enhance their reasoning skills
  • enhance interactional function of language
  • write by associating with their personal experience

25-30 minutes

CONTENT (Warm Up and Main Activities)
Warm Up Activity Thinking Aloud 
Activity: Discussion, pedagogical processes (including teacher instructions and class organization)
  1. Talk about one challenge//problem that you have faced in your life? How did you deal with it / how did you manage it/solve it? 
  2. What did your elders advise to help you come out of the problem?
Main Activity Poem


Text input, pedagogical processes (including teacher instructions and class organization)

Tell Me

Why do things always happen this way
why does my heart choose to stay closed 
why can’t you hear my pain
this is all I ask
hear me again
hear my cries at night
help me face my fears tonight
so tell me
why can’t I find you again
why can’t you be here when I need you
no one understands
who I am
where I’ve been
where I’m going why do things always happen this way
but I now understand
no one gets me
what I need
what I want
people can’t you see
I’m a girl in need
hear my plea………..
© Ayleashua Marchewitz
Published in April 2008
Source: poem/people-dont-understand-me#ixzz3lGLYJphF

Main Activity 1: Pair

Activity The students in pair will create a problem-solution chart for the above text/poem with the following cues:

  1. List the major problem faced by the character.
  2. Think and discuss at least three solutions for the problem.
  3. Study and think deeply about what is good and bad about each solution.
  4. Write down your best solution and why you consider it the best.
  5. Share your best solutions with the class
  6. Compare your solution with other pairs and discuss which is the better one and why.
Solution Analysis

Solution: The best option/choice is ………because

Follow on Activity (relating to other skills) Describe a problem you face/ faced in your life or you could also talk about the problem of someone you know. Using the above chart cues, prepare an outline of your problem and solution. After finishing the outline, narrate this learning experience in a paragraph. 


Vanita Chopra is currently working as a training consultant with the School of English Skills, British Council, New Delhi. She has 15 plus years of experience as a teacher educator, trainer and mentor and specializes in training, materials development and monitoring and evaluation of State projects in collaboration with the British Council. Her field of interest includes language assessment, teacher development and ELT.