Activity 3: With The Times

Skill focus: Vocabulary development

Sub-skill: Minor forms of word formation

Level: Final year of graduation

Estimated time: 30 minutes

Group size: Pair work

Maximum students: 60

Learning Objectives: To train learners to identify the processes involved in minor forms of word formation.

Materials: 30 copies of the newspaper The Times of India, activity sheets


1.      Bring all the issues of the daily The Times of India of the previous month from the college library to the classroom.

2.      Get the students to work in pairs.

3.      Ask each pair of learners to pick up one issue of The Times of India.

4.      Revise the processes involved in minor forms of word formation with the help of examples.

5.      Distribute the activity sheets to the learners.

6.      Explain the task to the learners (instructions are given in the activity sheet).

7.      Help the learners to locate examples of minor forms of word formation from the newspapers.

8.      Monitor the work of the learners by going through their activity sheet to ensure that they are working in the right direction.

9.      Ask a few learners about the number of words of each type listed by them in the activity sheet.

10.    Comment on the most frequent and the least frequent type of words.

11.    Ask the learners to share their experiences with the class.

Activity Sheet

Minor Processes of Word formation


Perform the following tasks.

A)     Scan all the pages of the daily The Times of India with you.

B)     Pick out as many words as possible, which could be examples of minor processes of word formation and write them down in the following table.

C)     Write the total number of words you have found in the last row.


Day and Date of The Times of India:   ____________________________  

























Signatures of the students

Names of the students       i) ________________         _____________________

                                             ii) ________________        _____________________


Ravindra B. Tasildar is Associate Professor at the Department of English and Post-Graduate Research Centre, S. N. Arts, D. J. M. Commerce and B. N. S. Science College (Sangamner). He has been teaching English language and literature to graduate and post-graduate students for the past twenty-two years.