I like to…

Name of the activity: I like to…

Skill focus: Listening and speaking

Level: Classes III, IV and V

Type of participation: Individual/pair/group

Time allotted: 40 minutes

Objectives: To enable the learners to

  1. Express their liking verbally
  2. Ask verbally about their friends’ liking.


  1. Show pictures of various food items to the students.
  2. Discuss the names of these items and brainstorm on the theme “Food”.
  3. Ask the students to sit in a circle.
  4. Ask each learner to express his/her preference for a particular food item and the reason for the same. Facilitate this task for the students by providing them with this structure, “I like to eat _________because_________.
    (Depending on the linguistic level of the learners, the structure can be made more challenging.)
    For example: Once the students have expressed their preference and explained why they have made this choice, encourage them to ask about the preference of the person sitting next to them. Give them the following structure, “I like to eat _________because_________. What do you like to eat?”
    I like to eat salad because it is healthy. What do you like to eat?
  5. Continue with the activity until all the students have had a chance to speak.

Follow up activity:  Encourage your students to express their preferences on the following themes.

  • Vegetables
  • Dresses
  • Fruits
  • Games
  • Cartoon characters

Manu Gulati teaches English to secondary classes in a Government school in Delhi. At present, she is working as a Mentor Teacher and provides onsite support to teachers to strengthen their academic and pedagogic capacities.