Language Across Curriculum Activity

Tanya Kapoor 

This activity is an extension of a Social Science chapter, “How the state government works”. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Use language in a formal conversational context
  2. Interact in a relatable social context
  3. Assess one another in terms of language and content

Time period: 60 minutes

Keywords: language across curriculum, language through social science, role play


First, students are introduced to a press conference organized by the government. They are shown videos of the press conference conducted by the government officials. Then, the class is divided into three groups:

  1. The group acting as CM and other government officials
  2. Newspaper and TV reporters
  3. Audience

After that, the class is given a hypothetical issue of growing air pollution levels in the state. They are asked to focus on the steps the government has already taken and the steps it is planning to take to control pollution. 

The groups are given discussion pointers and 20 minutes to prepare the press release to be delivered by the CM and government officials, and the questions which the newspaper and TV reporters and audience would be asking. 

Once the groups are ready, the class is re-arranged for a press conference. The teacher moderates and supports the discussion.  

The following pointers can be given:

CM & Co. Newspaper and TV Reporters Audience
  1. Issue
  2. Causes for the pollution
  3.  Steps already taken
  4.  Budget or resources
  5.  Steps in pipeline
  1. Verifying and crosschecking details about steps taken
  2.  Questioning the budget
  3. Queries regarding steps in the pipeline
  1. Questions regarding public benefit
  2. Presenting reality at the grassroots levels
  3. Demanding more action

  Instructions for the Teacher: The teacher can note down some common patterns in language use during the entire session and offer feedback to the class in relation to areas where students are doing well and where they need improvement. 


Tanya Kapoor currently works as a middle school Social Science facilitator. She has mentored in-service teachers in conducting classroom-based research. Her key areas of interest are classroom management, classroom-based research, twenty-first century skills, material development and curriculum planning.