Language Activity

Activity name: Words within Words

Skill focus: Writing

Participation: Individual or group

Level: Primary, Middle, Secondary

Learning objective: To improve the vocabulary of the learners.

Time: 2 to 7 minutes


  1. Choose a word or a phrase and write it in on the board in capital letters. (Example- LANGUAGE)
  2. Make two to three words, using the letters of the word written on the board. 
  3. Ensure that no letter is used more often in the newly formed words than it is in the word on the board. 
  4. Each new word should have at least two letters.
  5. Write the new words on the board to enable the students to understand the task better.

Here are three words made from the letters of the word “language”

a) Gun

b) Gang

c) Age

  1. Ask the learners to form as many words as they can from the given word.
  2. Do this activity by timing it as well.
  3. The child who is able to form the maximum number of words is declared the winner.
  4. The children share their words with each other either by writing them on the board or by fixing their sheet on the bulletin board.
  5. The new or difficult words are discussed in the class.

Manu Gulati is a TGT English in Sarvodya Kanya Vidyalaya, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.She is interested in preparing low cost activitues and tasks to improve Engish skills of school children.