Tiny Tales

(Composed by Deewanshu Gupta, 1st year B.Com. (Hons.), Shri Ram College of Commerce)

Task: Let us learn to write tiny tales!

Skill focus: Speaking, writing

Sub-skill focus: Creativity, practising brevity in writing

Level: Tertiary

Task type: Group work

Time needed: 30-40 minutes

Objective: To learn descriptive writing


  1. Divide the class into groups of 4-5 students each.
  2. Tell them that they have to collaborate in their respective groups to write a short story where every thought, word and punctuation mark has to contribute towards creating the dramatic effect required in a story.
  3. Make some chits and write the names of some interesting themes on them such as love, hope, despair, etc.
  4. Distribute the chits to the groups by a draw of lots.
  5. Now ask each group to think of a story based on the theme they have been allotted.
  6. Finally, ask them to compose it into a tiny tale.
  7. Invite responses. Ask the students to not only share the final version of their story, but also the thought process that went into the making of the tiny tale.

Ruchi Kaushik is Associate Professor at Shri Ram College of Commerce. She is a materials producer and a teacher trainer. Her area of interest is designing materials for business purposes.