Talk on Literary Translation

A talk on ‘Literary Translation’ for the students of the Applied Language Course, Translation and Interpreting’ was organized under the Lecture Series of Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi, in collaboration with FORTELL on September 26, 2013. Ms. Kalyanee Rajan, co-author of Foundational Concepts of Translation and Assistant Professor of English at SRCC, University of Delhi, addressed various facets involved in the act of translating a text.

Ms. Mona Sinha from the department of English, MAC established the context for study of translation theory and practice in the current curriculum. The talk covered a wide range of topics: multilingualism, types and theories of translation, problems of equivalence, the role of the translator and the different types of translations. Emphasis was laid on understanding cultural and literary barricades that translation involves. The students experienced practical hiccups while attempting translation of Bollywood songs and Shakespeare’s sonnets, underscoring the nuances of practicing translation. Teachers, who are teaching the course in college, shared the common errors made by students and their own experience of attempting translation. The event emphasized the need to sensitize the students towards multilingualism as it exists today, both at home and abroad impinging on both personal and professional facets of our life.  

By breaking the monotony of a theoretical and text-book bound approach to the area, the talk brought translations into the domain of everyday life. It was much appreciated and found helpful by the students and faculty of the Department of English for bringing ease and lucidity to the course. 

Manjari Chaturvedi

Manjari Chaturvedi is Assistant Professor at Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi.